Lure of the Wicked

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Two disgruntled friends hope to find young ladies in the park, but are lured in by devilish vampires!
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This short film is a tribute to the old silent movies, in black and white and with title cards.
Nerd Warning:Some explicit content: violence and brief partial nudity.
STARRING: Kristin Pfeifer, Victoria Lane, Jim Young, Nicholas Williams, Chad Nadolski
RUNNING TIME: 17 minutes
FILMMAKER BIO: Writer/Director Tom Madigan (DEAD DOORNAILS) is an award-winning screen writer.
PRODUCTION NOTES: This was the first movie I shot after moving to Los Angeles. It was intriguing to me to shoot a silent movie because I had never done it before and I was interested in telling the story primarily through images and expressions. The time period is up for grabs: it is a hybrid of contemporary and turn-of-the-century, which is all the more interesting to me. I was also interested in combining eerie elements with some erotic ones. The vampire motif was the perfect vehicle for that.